Asi es. Part I

Moving Image
Betacam SP
Created: 2000


Asi es. Part I
Summary: "The goal of As'' es video is to provide a fun and interactive way to learn to speak Spanish and to function in various Hispanic environments while encouraging cross cultural appreciation by presenting an accurate portrait of the Hispanic world. Unlike traditional programming, the As'' es project presented a unique set of challenges and artistic constraints in that the producers and writers had to work within certain linguistic confines as well as an unusually small budget. Given a pre-existing textbook the writers devised an episodic sitcom to accompany each lesson that would engage viewers while incorporating the chapter vocabulary and grammar structures. The As'' es (Mariana) video-dialogues follow the life of Mariana Benavides, a student at the University of Miami, her boyfriend Luis, and their circle of friends. Filmed on location in Miami, San Diego and Mexico, these episodic vignettes fully incorporate the grammar, vocabulary and cultural themes from each lesson of the As'' es textbook and recycle previously presented material. Interviews and performances by many [renowned] Hispanic celebrities such as Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana and Enrique Iglesias, Isabel Allende, the Gipsy Kings, Chi Chi Rodr''guez, Iv''n Rodr''guez, and visits to many destinations throughout Spain and Latin America provide a deeper insight into the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Dover Cable Television | Riverview Productions | Harcourt College Publishers

Persons Appearing: Gloria Estefan | Carlos Santana | Enrique Iglesias | Isabel Allende | Gipsy Kings | Chi Chi Rodr''guez | Iv''n Rodr''guez

Broadcast Date: 2000