It's Itsy Bitsy Time! [ITS-1628]

Moving Image
Created: 2000


It's Itsy Bitsy Time! [ITS-1628]

"A break from traditional commercial programming, It's itsy bitsy Time! was developed to provide the youngest of children and their caregivers with a dedicated 'safehaven' to turn to for funny, creative programming that promotes strong educational messages and values.

"It's itsy bitsy Time! is a new concept in children's programming, granular non-commercial programming which combines live-action, animated, and stop-action animation programming to take young viewers on a seamless journey of laughter, love and fun. Unlike traditional programming, the It's itsy bitsy Time! block contains several short stories of varying lengths developed specifically to work with children's shortened attention spans to engage them and make television a more interactive medium. It's itsy bitsy Time! currently entertains children each day on Fox Family Channel.

It's itsy bitsy Time! features: THE ANIMAL SHELF, the story of Timothy, a young boy whose toys come to life in an entertaining model animated series. CHARLIE & MIMMO, the tale of a young boy who lives in a happy home with his family and his teddy bear and trusted friend. 64 ZOO LANE, a charming animated adventure series starring Lucy, a little girl who lives at 64 Zoo Lane-directly next door to the local zoo and TOM and VICKY, a series created in stop-frame model animation that revolves around the adventures of a typical brother and sister."--2000 Peabody entry form.

Corporate Producers: Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company | Fox Family Channel (Firm)

Broadcast Date: 2000