AIDS: Answers and Breakthroughs - Ending the Epidemic

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Created: 2000


AIDS: Answers and Breakthroughs - Ending the Epidemic
Summary: "At this 20-year anniversary of the emergence of the AIDS epidemic, there's a growing and dangerous public perception that AIDS has somehow been conquered, contained, even 'cured.' AIDS: Answers and Breakthroughs reports that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) continues to infect the U.S. population at an alarming rate. While the initial wave of deaths among homosexual males and recipients of contaminated blood transfusions has ebbed, HIV still thrives and spreads.

"Part one of this Special reports that the demographics have changed. The disease is now targeting heterosexual women, young people and minorities.

"Part two of this program examines the prospects for ending the epidemic. Today, people with HIV can [look] forward to longer lives, due to the effectiveness of powerful medications known as drug cocktails. Research is identifying paths that may take us toward a cure. Scientists and study volunteers are working toward a vaccine. Finally, teachers and peer counselors are showing the promise of education and prevention as the best short-term weapons in the battle to end the epidemic."--2000 Peabody entry form.

Corporate Producers: Vantage Point Productions | Discovery Health Channel

Persons Appearing: Fred Guernsey (Narrator) | Steve Crohn (Interviewee) | Don Francis (Interviewee) | Lisa Howard (Interviewee) | Steve Kovacev (Interviewee) | Anthony Fauci (Interviewee) | Helene Gayle (Interviewee) | David Howard (Interviewee) | Paul Volberding (Interviewee) | Lonnie Morris (Interviewee) | Buck Monroe (Interviewee) | Charles Coleman (Interviewee) | Antionettea Etienne (Interviewee) | Peter Kim (Interviewee) | Gary Nabel (Interviewee) | Anita Adams (Interviewee) | Jerry Guild (Interviewee) | Tom Schroeder (Interviewee) | Elizabeth Chiment (Interviewee) | Danielle Walker (Interviewee) | Tom Coates (Interviewee) | Jowhara Shabazz (Interviewee) | Tony Douangviseth (Interviewee) | Travis Lee (Interviewee) | Brandon Diaz (Interviewee) | Elizabeth Lonnecker (Interviewee) | Helene Gayle (Interviewee)

Broadcast Date: 2000-09-15