ABC world news tonight (Television program). 2000--excerpts

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Created: 2000


ABC world news tonight (Television program). 2000--excerpts
Summary: "Technology is an area that our technology reporter, Jack Smith, and I developed just three years ago. ABC News has now made reporting on it a regular feature of its broadcasts. To our knowledge, no other network has similarly made room for stories about technology. In both the writing and the production we have tried to break new ground to make the pieces as interesting and understandable as possible. We have also sought out the sort of topics that would give viewers who were not technologists insight into the ongoing hi-tech revolution.

"With the end of the Cold War and the absence of any major domestic initiatives from Washington, what seems to be driving history at the dawn of the new millennium is technology, especially that associated with the microchip. As chips become cheaper, smaller, and more powerful they are being put in more and more of the things around us. We are in the midst of a revolution that is changing the world we live in.

"We believe that meaningful TV reporting on technology has been neglected and that you will find the work represented here a real contribution worthy of your consideration."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Compilation contains the following segments: Web monitoring (1/6/2000) -- X-Files (1/14/2000) -- Internet Privacy (2/3/2000) -- Future of TV (2/4/2000) -- Paralysis (2/14/2000) -- Future of software (3/14/2000) -- FBI Cybersquad (3/30/2000) -- Future of reading (4/13/2000) -- Net Radar (5/16/2000) -- Dotcom anxiety (5/22/2000) -- Voice portal (6/14/2000) -- Mike May (6/28/2000) -- Man and machine (8/11/2000) -- Cyber surgery (8/28/2000) -- Haptics (10/16/2000).

Corporate Producers: ABC Television Network

Persons Appearing: Peter Jennings (Anchor) | Jack Smith (Reporter)

Broadcast Date: 2000-01-06 -- 2000-10-16