Ni Ni's Treehouse. [No. 1, 2000-09-25], Over Here

Moving Image
Created: 2000


Ni Ni's Treehouse. [No. 1, 2000-09-25], Over Here

"Ni Ni's Treehouse takes viewers to a faraway place where imagination and fun know no bounds. Propelled by his own wonderful imagination, Ni Ni introduces children to a rich fantasy world filled with enchanting stories and remarkable characters. With Ni Ni and the viewer learning along the way, the audience is treated to thought-provoking Oooberryland adventures, which encourage investigative and cognitive skills, critical thought and pro-social themes. Most of all, Ni Ni loves to read -- and his enthusiasm for his favorite books is most definitely infectious!"--2000 Peabody entry form.

Corporate Producers: Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company | GMTV | Learning Channel (Firm)

Broadcast Date: 2000-09-25