The Long, Long Road

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Created: 2000


The Long, Long Road
Summary: "The 'It's Your Life' Public Service Campaign was developed by WAVE-TV of Louisville, Kentucky as an effort to get area teens involved with and talking about the social issues [affecting] their lives, and to make them aware of the consequences of making poor decisions.

"The 'It's Your Life' campaign has thus far worked with teenagers from 24 community High Schools to write and produce a series of public service announcements focusing on a diverse range of topics such as drunk driving, gang activity, teen pregnancy, smoking, eating disorders, and a number of other issues which are important to today's youth. The PSAs run in prime-time slots for maximum exposure.

"In addition to PSA production, the 'It's Your Life' campaign team dedicated untold time and resources to the production of two documentary programs analogous with the campaign focus on social issues. Both documentary programs aired in prime-time and one of the programs, 'Into the Lighthouse', broke boundaries by being the first time a documentary film crew was allowed unlimited access to the daily life inside an adolescent drug treatment facility. Two more documentary programs are planned for 2001.

"The campaign team has also produced posters promoting the campaign theme which hang in area schools and businesses, developed an 'It's Your Life' web site and has set up an 'It's Your Life' toll-free, 24-hour youth help-line staffed by trained counselors and volunteers. In August of 2000 the 'It's Your Life' campaign was picked-up by WAVE's parent company Cosmos Broadcasting and is now being syndicated throughout the chain, reaching millions of teenagers and adults across the country.

"WAVE-TV's 'It's Your Life' campaign merits recognition because it didn't have to be done. Instead of simply conceding money to a charity or lending one of our local anchors to host an event, WAVE-TV is being proactive with its dedication to youth and community by getting teens involved in making a difference and by implementing and promoting important social programming and services."--2000 Peabody entry form.

This is the documentary "The Long Long Road."

Corporate Producers: WAVE-TV (Television station : Louisville, Ky.)

Persons Appearing: Chris Parente (Narrator) | Scott Reynolds (Narrator)

Broadcast Date: 26-Jan-00