This Week (Television program : ABC). [2000-05-28], War on Cancer

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Created: 2000


This Week (Television program : ABC). [2000-05-28], War on Cancer
Summary: "Although 'This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts' usually focuses on politics, our two hosts decided to break with tradition and focus on a different kind of campaign -- the campaign against cancer. It's an issue that's very personal for Donaldson and Roberts: Sam Donaldson is a cancer survivor and Cokie Roberts lost her sister to the disease.

"'This Week' devoted a full hour to cancer and took a hard look at the insidious disease. The show adopted a diverse perspective, booking top guests on the program including Vice President Gore and cancer survivor Mike Milken.

"Gore openly addressed whether all Americans have equal access when it comes to cancer treatment. Do those people on Medicaid and Medicare truly have the same kind of medical access as those who do not receive government assistance? Are health insurance companies funding the right screening programs for early detection of cancer'

"Two experts from the National Cancer Institute described their research and provided a realistic look at whether the war against cancer is winnable. Fran Viscos weighed in with the fight against breast cancer -- a movement that has gained enormous strength in recent years.

"Last but not least, financier Michal Milken gave his personal perspective as a cancer survivor and what each one of us can do to help win the war against cancer.

"Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts took a brave step by breaking with tradition, especially during an election year. They devoted their show to disease and healthcare. The whole staff believed -- in the Peabody tradition -- that healthcare will only be improved for Americans if they have the knowledge and information to fight for what's right."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: ABC News | ABC Television Network

Persons Appearing: Sam Donaldson (Host) | Cokie Roberts (Host) | George Will (Host) | George Stephanopoulos (Host) | Al Gore (Guest) | Connie Mack (Guest) | Tim Johnson (Guest) | Steve Rosenberg (Guest) | Richard Klausner (Guest) | Fran Visco (Guest) | Mike Milken (Guest)

Broadcast Date: 28-May-00