Massachusetts School of Law Educational Forum. [No. 52], Fairy Tales

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U-matic: 3/4 inch videotape
Created: 2000


Massachusetts School of Law Educational Forum. [No. 52], Fairy Tales
Summary: "The Massachusetts School of Law ('MSL') is a small law school located in Andover, Massachusetts.

"MSL some years ago began a television series devoted to in-depth discussion of subjects of topical interest, many of which are not deeply covered by the mass media. The show is broadcast throughout New England on AT&T Broadband on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. Additionally, the show is made available to various outlets (public television, broadcast and cable) throughout the country at the school's expense. Renowned authors, pundits, columnists and scholars appear on the show. Some of our recent shows include: A two part series on HMO's with a prominent Minneapolis physician, Dr. Ronald Glasser, who has to his credit two New York Times best seller books; Fairy Tales; Death, Dying and Physician Assisted Suicide; Religion In America in The 21st Century; and The NASA Program: Is it Worth Keeping'

"MSL also produces another well received television series (also at the school's expense) known as MSL Presents: A Question of Law. This half-hour show is also aired on AT&T Broadband and is distributed to other outlets (broadcast and cable) throughout the country. Recent shows have included discussions on: A History of Women in the Legal Profession; Drunk Driving; Corporal Punishment of Children; Grandparent Rights; Controversial Cases and Clients; Same Sex Marriages; Air Travel; School Vouchers; and Abuses of Restraining Orders.

"MSL's educational objectives in producing these shows are to inform and educate the public on topics of great importance that too often are not covered by traditional media, or if covered, given only superficial treatment. From the feedback we get from the public and stations airing the show, we know that many people obtain a level of understanding of the topics that they would not otherwise receive. The show originally aired only on local community cable and now because of its content, quality and informative format, airs in nearly 3000 cities and towns.

"Accordingly, we submit a separate entry for each series, for your consideration."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

This episode asks experts how fairy tales effect children. In particular, they discuss images of violence, the "Prince Charming" myth, and the iconography of the evil step-mother.

Corporate Producers: AT&T Broadband | Massachusetts School of Law at Andover

Persons Appearing: Diane M. Sullivan (Moderator) | Sheldon Cashdan | Larry Larsen | Maria Tatar

Broadcast Date: 2000