First Light: Tuscany and the Dawn of the Renaissance. No. 1

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Created: 2004


First Light: Tuscany and the Dawn of the Renaissance. No. 1
Summary: "Programming with unapologetically intellectual content AND strong visual appeal is becoming increasingly rare on television. VisionTV, a small not-for-profit and Canada's only fully independent specialty channel expressly commissions select projects that venture where fewer and fewer television stations dare to go - smart documentaries on subjects of broad and often profound significance. And, happily, contrary to prevailing trends, these programs are engaging audiences.

'First Light: Tuscany and the Dawn of the Renaissance is such a project.

''[This documentary series] is a perfect antidote to the ocean of nonsense on TV right now. A four-part series, wonderfully narrated by Colm Feore, it's an intricate portrait of the changes that took place in one small region of Italy' and eventually changed the history of Western civilization. A good deal of the first part [of the series] covers changes in art and the ways in which the world was depicted. It all leads to a fundamentally different way of looking at the world. It's about creating 'a three-dimensional world with rounded bodies and the depth of space,' and 'the use of contemporary settings and the depiction not only of events, but what people were thinking and feeling.? (Excerpted from John Doyle's review appeared on The Globe and Mail of Apr. 26, 2004).

'Examining the time and place where the modern western world took shape, the four part series focuses on the small area of central Italy where between 1200 and 1350 the world changed forever. In this intense period of innovation in and around Siena and Florence we began to see life differently and to picture the world in a whole new way; banking and the global economy became firmly established; cities, a new urban way of life and democratic governments are developed; and, with the cataclysm of the Black Plague, a new spirit of inquiry about how the world worked became the underpinning of natural philosophy and eventually science."--2004 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Redcanoe Productions

Persons Appearing: Colm Feore (Narrator)

Broadcast Date: 26-Apr-04