[The Remarkable Journey promotional tape]

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Created: 2004


[The Remarkable Journey promotional tape]
Summary: "Utilizing outstanding production quality and public affairs platforms of local stations nationwide, 'The Remarkable Journey' seeks to illuminate, educate and celebrate achievements and significant historical events of African and Latino Americans.

''The Remarkable Journey' is a series of nationally syndicated television specials that illuminates landmark events and remarkable individuals, mostly of African and Latino American descent who have excelled in the face of overwhelming odds. It examines what drives, motivates and inspires the people who have left their indelible imprint on the American landscape. 'The Remarkable Journey' serves as an excellent tool for educating Americans about stories too often left untold.

''The Remarkable Journey' franchise began more than a decade ago with a one-hour field-produced special about one of the most influential leaders in American History, Martin Luther King, Jr. Nominated for a national Emmy Award, Martin Luther King, Jr.: The March to Freedom, remains today a definitive document of the King legacy. Since then, 'The Remarkable Journey' and has evolved into a franchise featuring online, educational and television components. 'The Remarkable Journey', created by Hearst-Argyle Television is produced by Access Entertainment News Productions and distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. 'The Remarkable Journey' producers are Rob Silverstein, executive producer; Claudia Eaton, senior producer; Mark Noble Broadcast Producer; Pam Elder Segment Producer and Robert Jarrin, producer.

''The Remarkable Journey,' annually consists of three hour-long specials and 30-minute documentaries that celebrate landmark events in the history of African Americans. For example, 'The Remarkable Journey' recently featured a documentary special on the 50th Anniversary of the landmark case: Brown vs. Board of Education, which marked the end of legalized segregation in public schools. A Change is Gonna Come: Brown vs. the Board of Education took its viewer inside this triumphant blow against discrimination and the stirring events that helped bring segregation to its knees.

'Past interview specials have included the little known to the famous - scholars, humanitarians, authors, entertainers and athletes including: Dr. Ben Carson; Harvard Professor, Dr. Cornel West; Maya Angelou, Norman Lear, Atallah Shabazz (Malcolm X's daughter)Oscar de la Hoya, Denzel Washington, Rita Moreno, and Hank Aaron.

'Hosted by Kweisi Mfume, the outgoing president of the NAACP, 'The Remarkable Journey' addresses important public problems and issues in the African and Latino American communities. The series also serves as a reminder to all viewers that enduring values of hard work, loyalty and the steadfast commitment to a vision can ignite both personal and historical change.

'In addition, 'The Remarkable Journey,' has a website www.TheRemarkableJourney.com that offers educational tools, in-depth information, and key event listings that support and reinforce the television component. "--2004 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Access Entertainment News Production | NBC Universal Television Distribution | Park Hill Entertainment

Broadcast Date: 2005?