Blood from a Stone

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Created: 2003


Blood from a Stone
Summary: "Buried in a forgotten World War II foxhole on the border between France and Germany was a rumored treasure of 40 uncut diamonds. The story was so incredible that almost no one believed veteran Sam Nyer's account of how he and his buddy had miraculously acquired and hidden the diamonds during the war. Almost half of a century later, Nyer found someone who believed him and who was willing to undertake one of the boldest treasure hunts in history. BLOOD FROM A STONE recounts the 15-year odyssey that spanned 3 continents, from the diamond mines of South Africa to the Nazi death camps of Eastern Europe. It tells the story of one man's nightmare and another man's obsession with a fortune in uncut diamonds.

"Yaron Svoray is a modern day treasure hunter. He is a former Israeli soldier who also spent time infiltrating Neo-Nazi groups and hunting for the hidden treasures of the Third Reich. In 1988, Svoray met Sam Nyer, an aging American WW II veteran of the 7th Army. Nyer told Svoray an amazing tale. In 1945, Nyer and fellow army scout Tommy Delion fought and killed a group of Nazi SS officers. The officers had been dividing up valuables taken from safe deposit boxes including a collection of Life Diamonds -- large uncut diamonds that had been confiscated from Jews at Nazi death camps. The two American G.I.s buried the precious stones in a foxhole with the intention of returning for them at the end of the war, but Nyer was seriously injured and Delion was killed. The diamonds were never recovered.

"Yaron Svoray and his hand-picked team returned to the forest on July 10, 1999. Like on countless previous expeditions, they located a foxhole that seemed to match the description that Sam Nyer had given and began to dig. But this time, Yaron discovered something that would change his life forever-- but not in the way he had expected.

"'When I started this-- many years ago, it was about finding a bunch of diamonds, becoming Indiana Jones, getting rich and living in Aruba.' But over the course of his quest, Svoray had come to understand the worth of the diamonds on another level. Svoray no longer wished to profit from the diamonds. If found, he wanted them to be sold and the proceeds given to international children's charities. Svoray and his team devised an ingenious, 'double-blind' distribution plan to protect all involved-- the charities would never know where the money came from and Svoray would never learn which charities received the money or even exactly how much the diamonds had been worth. Now all that was left was to uncover the precious stones."--2003 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: NFL Films | History Channel (Television Network)

Broadcast Date: June 9, 2003