Sesame Stories. [No. 25, 2003-08-31], Noah and Brosh Are No Longer Friends

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Created: 2003


Sesame Stories. [No. 25, 2003-08-31], Noah and Brosh Are No Longer Friends
Summary: "Sesame Stories is a joint co-production between Sesame Workshop, Hop! TV in Israel, Al Quds Institute for Modern Media in Palestine and Jordan Pioneers in Jordan. Three separate, but parallel productions were made. They include live-actions, animations, studio pieces, and classic Sesame Street Muppet segments. The series presents audiences with a variety of regional children's literature that also underscores the project's key educational goals: respect and understanding. Incorporating children's literature into the series' curriculum provides an innovative way to uphold Sesame Street's tradition of exposing children to literacy skills while also using this as a platform to address the educational goals specific to this production.

"The series presents stories that have at their core themes such as acceptance, empathy, and appreciating similarities and differences. The tales, adapted as short animation pieces, serve as the series' foundation and are woven into each episode. The Sesame Stories series has three separate versions with shared elements so that Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian children will view specific elements and segments formatted to address their specific cultural and linguistic needs. Educational advisors and regional experts in the field of child psychology continue to work closely with Sesame Workshop to ensure the relevance and sensitivity of the material that is being produced during these times of heightened fear, conflict, and violence.

"The episode selected for submission was produced by Sesame Workshop and Hop! TV in Israel. The episode 'Noah and Brosh Are No Longer Friends', features Noah and Brosh, the Muppet characters, arguing and ultimately deciding that they can no longer be friends because they are just too different. With the help of their human friends, Ibtisam and Tzachi, they learn that they can be the best of friends, despite their differences. Ibtisam is an Israeli Arab and Tzachi is a Jewish Israeli, yet they are neighbors and friends.

"This episode highlights the Israeli production's special emphasis on the Arab population within Israel. The series provides a setting for the Israeli Jewish child to meet the Palestinian-Israeli neighbor and for Palestinian-Israeli children to experience authentic representations of themselves on-screen. The series also introduces Israeli children to positive images of Palestinian and Jordanian children."--2003 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Hop TV | Sesame Workshop

Persons Appearing: Dror Keren (Cast (Tzachi)) | Hind Ayub (Cast (Ibtisam)) | Avi Yakir (Cast (Brosh)) | Gilles Bendavid (Cast (Noah))

Broadcast Date: 2003-08-31