Bite Size. [No. 2, 2003-03-31], Mashed Pooh-Tato Pie

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Created: 2003


Bite Size. [No. 2, 2003-03-31], Mashed Pooh-Tato Pie
Summary: "Sharing foods with family and friends is a tradition in Chinese culture. Nowadays, parents are becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of good nutrition. Cookbooks, television cooking programs and child-friendly restaurants abound. Now Playhouse Disney brings pre-school children their own food and cooking program. Helping to prepare food and following a recipe gives children many opportunities for science and literacy experiences within a real-life situation. The cooking process is full of "what if'"situations. What happens if you whip up egg whites? What happens when you boil dried noodles in water? What happens when you mix flour, eggs and milk and cook it? These are science experiments you can eat! Following a recipe develops a child's understanding of the meaning embedded in the written word. The list of ingredients on the page is translated to tangible objects. Then a step by step process (first, next, next) has to be followed for the outcome to be successful. Objectives - Presented by Arthur Chang, assisted by Mitzi the Oven Glove, the program seeks to stimulate healthy food habits and hygiene, "turn children on" to good food and encourage them to be actively involved in its preparation - Where does food come from? What happens when you mix it, heat it, beat it, freeze it? How does it smell, look, taste? What can a pre-school child safely and competently do in the kitchen? The Recipes - The recipes have been selected in order to: be healthy and nutritious "real food" dishes, with little reliance on processed or packaged foods; stimulate pre-school children's interest in food and extend their eating and food awareness horizons; show safe, practical food-related experiences that pre-school children can do themselves; demonstrate the scientific changes that occur as food is processed in various ways; reflect the variety of foods enjoyed by families; give parents a model of safe, fun cooking ideas they can enjoy with their children; work within the program format. (i.e. to be completed in approximately real time; having visual interest; giving appropriate tasks to Mitzi; all recipes will be checked and approved by a qualified food adviser."--2003 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Walt Disney Television International Asia Pacific

Broadcast Date: March 31, 2003