Pariah Nation (News/Web Site)

Created: 2001
One website submitted as html files on data disc. Ingested by BMA in 2023.


Pariah Nation (News/Web Site)
Summary: "In the spring of 2001, few in America or in the wider world were focused on Afghanistan and its [myriad] problems. was an exception. In a time when many news organizations, particularly those online, were cutting back on international coverage, dispatched international editor Preston Mendenhall on a foray into one of the world's most dangerous nations. The result was a series of stories, named Pariah Nation, which got beneath the cliches of zealotry presented in the mainstream media.

"Mendenhall, reporting with video, text and still images, wrote about the Afghan people rather than simply their unpopular regime. He found among them hospitality and curiosity about the outside world, not merely the fanaticism of the Taliban.

"Mendenhall also interviewed top Taliban officials about the dissent he encountered, and explored the ambiguous relationship the United States had with the regime in the days before Sept. 11, when the Taliban's crackdown on poppy production was enough to win some [reprieve] from U.S. sanctions.

"Mendenhall was at the right place at the right time and as a result,'s coverage of the war on terrorism has benefitted." -2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

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Broadcast Date: 2001-06-04