Driving Vacations Through the Ages (Entertainment/Web site)

Created: 2001
One website submitted as html files on data disc. Ingested by BMA in 2023.


Driving Vacations Through the Ages (Entertainment/Web site)
Summary: "What must it have been like taking a driving vacation back in the late '40s when the grandfolks hopped into the family DeSoto? The gasoline was cheap, the Howard Johnson was sparkling and there wasn't a McDonald's or KFC anywhere in sight. Back then the federal highway system was fairly primitive and Yellowstone had more bears than tourists.

"MSNBC.com's package is a multimedia, interactive folktale that takes the user on a socio-economic-cultural tour of American driving vacations from the 1930s to the present.

"It is really a Web documentary - utilitarian and entertaining - combining history, music, trivia and economics.

"(Note: The web address, noted above, is the [optimum] way to view the documentary, produced in Flash, with text, pictures and narration.)" -2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: MSNBC.com

Persons Appearing: Lee Holt (Narrator) | Michael Brunker (Voice) | Greg Hollobaugh (Voice)

Broadcast Date: 2001-08-03