Married to the Army: Alaska. [No. 103, 2012-10-03], Knock at the Door

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Created: 2012


Married to the Army: Alaska. [No. 103, 2012-10-03], Knock at the Door
Summary: "For the first time ever, the Pentagon allows the stories of real-life Army wives to be told in this 8-part docuseries on OWN. MARRIED TO THE ARMY: ALASKA embeds in the lives of 7 spouses whose loved ones are serving in Afghanistan with the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry, based out of Fort Richardson, Alaska. For these 7 wives, 'deployment' is not just a word they hear on the nightly news; it's their reality.

"Viewers meet the Brigade Commander's wife Yolanda, whose husband is responsible for the 3,500 soldiers of the 4-25-- which means she's responsible for the spouses and families left behind at one of the most remote posts in the country. It's their fourth deployment, and Yolanda now faces sending their only son, a junior at West Point, off to war. Rynn is a major's wife and mother of four-- she thought their fourth deployment would be the easiest since the kids are older. But instead, she's battling depression and struggling with how to co-parent with her husband over Skype from his Forward Operating Base. Can she convince her husband to participate in family therapy when he's home on R&R? Blair is new mom on her second deployment-- fiercely independent, she refuses to live on post and engage with the other spouses, but she quickly realizes her choice is creating a sense of isolation and loneliness. Salina is expecting her first child during deployment, hoping her husband makes it home in time for delivery. Lindsey is a new officer's wife who had gastric bypass to lose weight; she continues to battle body image issues that are impacting her relationship with an emotionally distant husband. Young Sara married her college sweetheart and was living a nice life when her husband decided to enlist. Next thing, she finds herself pregnant with a second child and heading to Alaska, thousands of miles away from home and family. She is struggling with being an Army wife--but is trying to support her husband's dream. Finally, there's outspoken, fearless Traci, who married her husband only two weeks after meeting him at Hooters. She's loud, uncensored and not about to have the Army dictate her behavior. But unbeknownst to her friends, she's battling serious medical issues...and doesn't want to burden her husband with her problems while he's gone.

"Each woman faces a unique set of challenges--from their relationships with their husbands to their friendships with the other Army wives. They live with the daily fear that their husbands won't come home. As Sara says, 'I don't just want his boots on the ground; I want him in those boots.' And when their husbands do return, it's not a question of if they've's a matter of how much they've changed. As Yolanda reminds the wives, they've changed, too. In the end, they must rely on sisterhood and resilience to support themselves and their families. The show follows each spouse on her own journey of self-discovery and strength, set against the backdrop of remote, extreme Alaska as they struggle to put 'mission first.' Their husbands may be the ones in uniform, but the wives and families are serving as well. They are the heroes on the other side of the battlefield."--2012 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is Episode 103, Knock at the Door.

Corporate Producers: 44 Blue Productions, Inc. | Oprah Winfrey Network

Persons Appearing: Lindsey Bergeron | Sara Dunlap | Blair Flanagan | Yolanda Goins | Traci Moran | Rynn Randall | Salina Tillman

Broadcast Date: 2012-10-03