Alagang Kapatid. [2011-09-25]

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Created: 2011
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Alagang Kapatid. [2011-09-25]
Summary: "TV5's health television program, 'AlagangKapatid', is a documentary and feature show that tackles various health concerns and medical developments in the Philippines. The show also aims to be of service to the Filipino public by providing medical assistance to those in need.

This segment entry marks the first year of the show 'Alagang Kapatid'. The show went to a remote far flung area in Samar to attend to the needs of the people. Since it is very remote, people lack medical attention and there is no health center. So the team reconstructed their old health center.

Also, cases of a boy stricken with a lump on his leg and a mother who is mentally ill has been given attention to by the team."--2011 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is the September 25 episode of the series.

Corporate Producers: Associated Broadcasting Company | Associated Broadcasting Company. Development Corporation | TV 5 (Television station : Quezon City, Philippines)

Persons Appearing: Cheryl Cosim (Host)

Broadcast Date: 2011-09-25