Under Special Investigation. [2011-12-25], Sendong

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Created: 2011


Under Special Investigation. [2011-12-25], Sendong
Summary: "For the extraordinarily appalling ruin and damage it has unleashed, 'Sendong' shall always be remembered in infamy.

"Two years after the Philippines was struck by the equally destructive typhoon 'Ondoy,' the nation was again ravaged with the same fatal mix of unpreparedness, incompetency, complacency, and greed that left a deadly trail of more than a thousand people killed, $250 million worth of damages, 60,000 families left homeless, and many still missing and unaccounted for.

"USI: Under Special Investigation conducts a special coverage of the calamity and gives a critical report of [what] really happened, what went wrong, why it did, and its aftermath. It focuses on the root cause of the problem: heavy deforestation of watersheds due to illegal logging and mining; rapid urbanization; and heavy siltation of rivers and waterways -- all in the name of wealth and the prosperity of a few. It also highlights the ensuing blame game in the wake of the disaster: fingers pointed towards a government agency's negligence and ineptitude towards monitoring incoming typhoons; a snail-paced and red-tape ridden disaster relief operations; and allegations of high officials partying and gambling the whole time the calamity reached its crisis peak.

"More than the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damages left in the aftershock, there remains the human face of the tragedy. This report tells the stories of the people who have had their lives changed forever in just a blink of an eye. Both disheartening and inspiring, the harrowing accounts given by both victims and their rescuers weave not only a tragic tale of sorrow and loss but also of courage, strength, and hope.

"Living and adapting to the ferocious force of Mother Nature has always been a testament to the Filipino's resiliency in the face of adversity. Yet, every time something like this occurs, death and tragedy always strikes. On one hand, Filipinos are said to be stubborn and hard-headed, yet for every recurring mistake and flawed response that the government makes in these times of crisis, it only shows how little the government has learned from the past.

"As the widest and most diverse coverage of the disaster, Under Special Investigation submits 'Sendong' to the 2012 George Peabody Awards. "--2010 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: ABC Development Corporation

Persons Appearing: Paolo Bediones

Broadcast Date: 2011-12-25