Hooked on the Fly. The Great Gaspe

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Created: 2011


Hooked on the Fly. The Great Gaspe
Summary: "Hooked on the Fly is a television series seen nationally in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Norway and Australia. The mission is nature, adventure, and conservation seen through the lens of fly-fishing. We only make films that promote a conservation issues and promote conservationists working in that location.

"During the show we profile their work, show what is at stake at being lost, and provide information how our viewers can become involved to save this habitat. Our website, HookedontheFly.Net also has a conservation page that promotes these organizations.

"There are no other fishing shows that do what we do to involve viewers. John O'Hearn President of the Florida Keys Guide Association reviewed one of our shows saying: 'Finally a fishing show with a conscience.' Lani Waller a legendary fly fisher, author and conservationist said of 'The Last Wild River in California' (also submitted for your review): 'The excellent production serves as a reminder that the great watersheds in North America represent an irreplaceable wealth and value to all Americans. It is a testimony to their beauty and spirit' the camera work is excellent, and the images and sequences meet the viewer's eyes with a truth and integrity which represent some of the reasons why fishing will always be a wonderful way to honor our rivers and streams and the human and natural landscapes they nourish.'

"Fishing may seem obscure, but more people fish than any other outdoor activity in the world second only to walking. In the U.S. it is more popular than golf and tennis combined. All of our shows so far have been financed out of pocket, except for marginal help. We are trying to change that and make sponsors aware of this vast underserved audience and harness viewers to help conservationists protect what our viewers love.

"Our reputation has grown, and we are being sought out by conservation groups to help them. For example, Scott Hed, who runs The Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska, asked if we would help try and stop the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Alaska. This mine if it went forward would destroy the last great salmon run left in the world. The film was made (also submitted for your review) with many groups trying to stop the mine. The show aired, and we also got our channels in the US and Canada to run a PSA during this show to help save Bristol Bay.

"'The Great Gaspe' (we are also submitting to you) came about, because conservationists wanted us to promote the Micmac First Nation in Canada who were the first natives to lift their nets to help save the endangered Atlantic salmon. We worked with the Micmacs and the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) to make the film. It premiered in New York City at the ASF board of director's dinner and promoted at their gala fundraiser at the Plaza. We were encouraged to submit the film to the Telly Awards, and it won 2 awards for best cinematography and nature / wildlife.

"We hope you enjoy our little films. This is what counts if we are to emotionally move our audience, educate them, and motivate them to become involved in helping to save these rare endangered earths."--2011 Peabody Awards entry form.

This episode is The Great Gaspe as described above.

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Broadcast Date: 2011