File Master #563 5/13/81 through 6/14/81
File Master #563 5/13/81 through 6/14/81

File Master #563 5/13/81 through 6/14/81

Moving Image
U-matic: 3/4 inch videotape
Created: 1981


File Master #563 5/13/81 through 6/14/81
FM00563 (05-13-81 --
1. Mau Jail Folo 5/13/81 11
            00:00:05 - 00:01:47
 Murder of Douglas Mau, a man arrested for being drunk and disorderly despite having neurological condition, murdered in jail by Herman Senior. Footage incudes on-camera interview with unidentified woman, photograph of Douglas Mau, shot of jail exterior, and a press conference with Atlanta Public Safety Commissioner Lee Brown. On-camera commentary by unidentified reporter.
Natural sound and voiceover narration
2. Homicide 5/14/81 11
            00:02:05 - 00:02:47
Combined silent and natural sound footage of police officers at an unidentified location and later three women being escorted from the location into police cars.
3. Scaffold Collapse 5/15/81 11
            00:03:03 - 00:03:24
Silent footage of scaffolding collapse at unidentified construction site and unidentified construction workers rescuing victims.  
4. Guardian Angels 5/17/81 11
            00:03:37 - 00:05:11
A group of six members of the Guardian Angels in Atlanta march barefoot for 24 hours straight against violence, in part prompted by the Atlanta Child Murders. On-camera commentary by reporter Marc Pickard. On-camera interview with unidentified Guardian Angel. Footage of marchers walking through downtown Atlanta.
Natural sound and voiceover narration
Reporter: Pickard, Marc
5. Tax Cuts 5/19/81 11
            00:05:29 - 00:05:51
 Silent footage of three unidentified men meeting, two men holding a press conference, and several other men meeting in a different room.
6. Life of Georgia 5/19/81 11
            00:06:10 - 00:07:34
 Update report on Fulton County rezoning of residential area for the construction of Life of Georgia office park. On-camera commentary by reporter Lynn Harasin. Footage includes congested commercial area close to the site for the proposed office complex, the site itself, a Fulton County Planning Commission meeting at which an unidentified man and an unidentified woman speak against rezoning, and crowds of concerned residents living near proposed site.
Natural sound and voiceover narration
Reporter: Harasin, Lynn  
7. Sex Trial 5/21/81 6
            00:07:52 - 00:09:47
 Report on John David Wilcoxen trial and guilty verdict for his involvement in child sex-for-money ring. Footage of Wilcoxen entering court escorted by police officers, courtroom sketches of trial proceedings, and on-camera interviews with both prosecutor Wallace Speed and defense attorney Catherine LaRoe. On-camera commentary by reporter Dennis Kauff.
Natural sound and voiceover narration
Reporter: Kauff, Dennis
8. Prison Riot
            00:10:00 - 00:11:50
 Silent aerial footage of prison grounds
9. Ireland 5/24/81 12
            00:12:09 - 00:12:40
 Coverage of Raymond McCreesh's death after participating in the 1981 Republican-organized prison hunger strike at the HM Prison Maze in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Footage shows Irish Republican Army members carrying his coffin to a cemetery followed by a large crowd, IRA members conducting a three-volley salute, and eventually laying McCreesh's coffin into its grave. Natural sound and voiceover narration
Reporter: Dobbs, Greg, ABC News, County Armagh, Northern Ireland
10. Blackwell Service 5/25/81 6
            00:12:51 - 00:14:04
 Unidentified reporter presents story on civil rights leader Randolph Blackwell's funeral service. On-camera interview with Revered Joseph Lowery and footage of both Andrew Young and Coretta Scott King delivering eulogies. Footage of memorial service attendees entering the church, the funeral service, and unidentified attendees carrying Blackwell's coffin out of the church.
Natural sound and voiceover narration
11. Prison 5/11/81
            00:14:17 - 00:16:03
 Silent footage of prison grounds featuring armed guards, and prisoners, some of which appear injured.
12. Baseball Strike 5/28/81 12
            00:16:20 - 00:16:46
 Dick Schaap reports on pushback from the National Labor Relations Bureau legally postponing a professional baseball strike by obtaining a temporary restraining order. Legal action forces team owners to release financial information to Baseball Players' Union. Footage shows meeting between player and team owner representatives, baseball players in a game, and crowds at a baseball game.
Natural sound and voiceover narration
Reporter: Schaap, Dick, ABC News, New York
13. Nimitz 5/28/81
            00:16:58 - 00:18:03
 Silent footage of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz depicting damaged airplanes, crew members inspecting damage, and the Nimitz at port.
14. Perry Lawsuit 5/30/81 (12)
[crossed out in shot log but present on tape]
 Unidentified reporter introduces story on former Atlanta policeman and head of the police department's homicide squad Jack Perry's suit against both Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson and CNN for slander. Suit prompted by comments Jackson made about Perry and the suspect conditions under which he resigned from the Atlanta Police Department on a cable news show. Footage of on-camera interview with Perry, Jackson's appearance on the cable news show, Perry walking through courthouse corridor, and on-camera interview with Jackson.
 Natural sound and voiceover narration
15. Democrats Tax Cuts 6/2/81
            00:18:21 - 00:19:17
 Andy Cassels reports on Georgia Congressman Ed Jenkins' role as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee in striking a tax cut compromise between Reagan administration and liberal House Democrats. Footage includes: On-camera commentary by Cassels, on-camera interviews with Jenkins, Jenkins speaking with an unidentified House representative, and House proceedings.
 Natural sound and voiceover narration
 Reporter: Cassels, Andy
16. [Mrs Pugh] 6/4/81 12
            00:19:34 - 00:20:45
 Combined silent and natural sound footage of on-camera interview with a Mrs. Pugh describing her experience identifying a male suspect in the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children case. Interview conducted by an unidentified reporter off-camera. 
17. Hostage Suicide 6/6/81
            00:21:01 - 00:22:34
 Natural sound footage of police and fire fighter at the scene of a man's suicide inside of a home. Footage shows on-camera commentary by an unidentified man to reporters about the suicide, crowd of onlookers, and further video of police investigating the scene.
18. Poland 6/8/81
            00:22:47 - 00:23:35
 Silent footage of an unidentified man smoking a pipe while walking, followed by a crowd of several other unidentified men.
19. 1st Graders 6/9/81 6
            00:23:51 - 00:24:35
 Report on first grade students in Atlanta schools failing to meet academic standards of progress and plans to hold back students who do not demonstrate the necessary skillset to advance to the next grade level. On-camera interview with man who devised plan, and footage of first grade students in a classroom.
Natural sound and voiceover recording
Reporter: Sailor, Ron
20. Baseball Strike 6/12/81
            00:24:45 - 00:25:02
 Follow-up report on professional baseball players strike. Footage of Joe Niekro and Don Sutton, players for the Houston Astros, and Marvin Miller, director of Major League Players Association, conducting press conferences. On-camera commentary by reporter Dick Schaap.
Natural sound and voiceover recording
Reporter: Schaap, Dick, ABC News, New York
21. Williams Charged 6/12/81 11
            00:25:22 - 00:26:30
 Silent footage of unidentified man walking down a hallway and exiting a building while being followed by reporters. Man appears to provide reporters with comments. (Atlanta missing and murdered children)
22. Begin Bombing 6/14/81 6
            00:26:47 - 00:27:59
 Footage of Face the Nation interview with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on Israeli bombing of Iraqi nuclear reactor. Interview given by unidentified reporter off-camera. Natural sound footage.