The Comedy Show With Dick Cavett. Comedy Classics

Grooved analog disc: Vinyl
Created: 1986


The Comedy Show With Dick Cavett. Comedy Classics
Summary: "From Jack Benny in his money vault to Yakov Smirnov on being a new American citizen, from Ernie Kovacs as 'The Answer Man' to Tom Brokaw talking about fat ladies, from Groucho Marx singing 'Lydia the [Tattooed] Lady' to the funniest commercials ever recorded, from Stan Freberg's history of Thanksgiving to a collection of original comedy done by and for local radio stations, 'The Comedy Show with Dick Cavett' is not only keeping classic radio comedy alive but is actually introducing and redefining contemporary radio comedy.

"Heard on nearly 250 radio stations, 'The Comedy Show with Dick Cavett' is a two-hour, 52-weeks-per-year syndicated program. Often imitated in the past year (locally and via syndication) 'The Comedy Show' is still the only radio comedy show which features a 'theme' each week, each show revolves around a specific topic. The themes can be simply ('Restaurants,' 'Pets,' 'Baseball' or 'City Life' followed a week later by 'Country Life'), or the themes can be very difficult - in 1986 'The Comedy Show' created programs on new topics with all-new material: 'Advertising' not only featured recorded comedy about advertising but included some of the greatest 'real' commercials ever produced, as well as original comedy with Bert Berdis and Alan Barzman; 'Storytellers' omitted comedians who do 'jokes' or 'routines' and focused on tellers of tales, including participants in a storytelling festival sponsored by the National Park Service as well as interviews with nationally-known folk humorist Roger Welch of the University of Nebraska; 'The News' included parodies of print and broadcast journalism as well as interviews with NBC's Tom Brokaw and '60 Minutes' executive producer Don Hewitt (no other comedy show had ever asked Tom Brokaw what was funny about the news). Other topics included looks back to 'The '60s,' and 'The '70s,' 'Comedy Oddities,' 'Spring Cleaning,' (a collection of wonderful comedy that didn't fit into other topics yet deserved airtime), 'Radio,' (featuring the first nationwide broadcast of a collection of local broadcasts), and even a 'Christmas' show done before a live audience who 'barked' Jingle Bells along with a pack of dogs.

"Host Dick Cavett brings his unique style to the show, both as host and interviewer. Interviews on the show have not only included 'big names' in comedy but also some of the newest names on the comedy scene, artists still working hard to become 'big names' of the future.

"Even though comedy has always been a staple of radio programming, only 'The Comedy Show' has preserved and, indeed, advanced it in recent years.

"Attached materials include a number of complete comedy shows on disc (as distributed to stations). Included on Side A of each show are 5 'Comedy Spots,' 3-minute programs that air in the week leading up to the weekend two-hour 'Comedy Show.'"--1986 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Clayton Webster Corporation

Persons Appearing: Dick Cavett

Broadcast Date: 1986-03

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