The Roadrunners

Grooved analog disc: Vinyl
Created: 1981


The Roadrunners
Summary: "The 'Roadrunners' are mentally retarded citizens from Louisiana who go on a special vacation each year and have for the last 12 years. 'Photograph' is a picture of love and understanding...The portrayal of the normalization of the mentally retarded into society. 'The Roadrunners' are over 100 mentally retarded citizens who have taken these vacations and allowed WBRZ TV to tag along, producing a 30-minute special program or series. The 1981 trip to Walt Disney World...was a special one... 'Photograph' is an album of the Roadrunners' Disney World Adventures. [Reporter John] Pastorek tours Disney World with Roadrunners through the eyes of one Roadrunner...John also wrote lyrics and music to a special song which appears in the special. He sings the song in the special. The program portrays another side of the mentally retarded...their human side. Through the song, the comments of the Roadrunners and their [chaperones]...their joyful expressions and fun-filled experiences, it's clear, 'they're just like anybody else.'"--1981 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is a recording of two songs about the Roadrunners, "Picture" and "Photograph," both by John Pastorek.

Corporate Producers: WBRZ-TV (Television station : Baton Rouge, La.)

Persons Appearing: John Pastorek (Performer)

Broadcast Date: 1981