"Living Atlanta": Life in a Segregated Southern City from World War I thru WWII. [1980-08-07], The Fight for Black Police

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"Living Atlanta": Life in a Segregated Southern City from World War I thru WWII. [1980-08-07], The Fight for Black Police
Summary: "The Living Atlanta series views life in a segregated Southern city from World War I through World War II in all aspects: health, education, work, economics, housing, entertainment, religion through the voices of people who experienced it. These three programs depict Atlanta's police relations. In the first policemen of the period, including later Chief Herbert Jenkins, describe hiring, training duties, incidents on the job, politics and promotion, types of crime and the influence of the Ku Klux Klan. In this program only former policemen talk. In the second, the police, and other whites and blacks examine the all-white police force working in the black community and how black residents responded. They talk of the need for black police because 1) white officers were less concerned about crime in the black community and 2) the police attitude [towards] black people. They describe the informal curfew in force against Blacks, a policeman tells of a case of police brutality brought against him and a white woman describes the same incident differently (1940), finally they describe a request to Mayor Key in 1934 for black police. In this program Atlanta Voice editor C.A. Scott, Prof. Glen Rainey and bluesman Buddy Moss and Roy Dunn join in. In the final program, the struggle to gain black police is described, including Mayor Hartsfield's attitude and that of Chief Jenkins. Rev. William H. Borders, Dr. Benjamin A. Mays, and Mr. Warren Cochran, director of the Butler St. YMCA describe the arrangements worked out to have the black police operate out of the Butler St. Y. Then two of the original black police describe their first days on duty in 1948. While these programs are specifically about Atlanta, the material covered is typical of the period. Six of the programs have already been aired on National Public Radio. The programs are all arranged in a mosaic format with connecting narration and appropriate music. About 20 different respondents appear in 3 programs."--1980 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: WREG (Radio station : Atlanta, Ga.)

Persons Appearing: William Hartsfield | Herbert Jenkins | Reverend William H. Borders | Dr. Benjamin A. Mays | Warren Cochran

Broadcast Date: August 7, 1980