Telenews. Telenews Digest

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: 1950


Telenews. Telenews Digest
Summary: Telenews Productions, Inc. produced newsreels for television purposes, including a daily eight-minute newsreel, a weekly sixteen-minute summary, and a weekly twelve-minute sports newsreel. With offices across the nation, Telenews serviced 70 of the 103 television stations in the United States, as well as stations in Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico. News films were gathered through permanent correspondents in as many as 160 foreign countries. Telenews was an arm of Hearst-MGM News of the Day. This newsreel features stories about the Korean War, specifically the battlefront on the borders of North and South Korea; British War Minister John Strachey's visit to Malaya; a recent speech by East German Propaganda Minister Gerhart Eisler; the launching of Britain's Bristol Brabazion airplane; the development of Project "Typhoon" missle guidance system; Pope Pius XII's proclamation of new dogma in St. Peter's Plaza; the death of Sweden's King Gustav V, including footage of his meeting with Eleanor Roosevelt shortly before his death, and the ascension of Gustav VI; the 5th anniversary of Juan D. Peron as Argentina's President; and man-in-the-street opinion polls in Berlin and Paris on whether or not Germany should be allowed to rearm itself.

Corporate Producers: Telenews Productions, Inc.

Broadcast Date: 1950