The Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe [1949-09-23]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: ; Created: 1949
b&w ; sound ; 533 ft. ; Kodak stock ; edge code: +/1949


The Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe [1949-09-23]
Summary: "This program is a five-a-week fifteen minute show in which whimsical stories are told based on the activities of charming Uncle Mistletoe.... He often entangles himself in all sorts of trouble but always manages to get out of it. Each evening, Uncle Mistletoe, portrayed by a hand puppet, [visits] Aunt Judy, a real person, at her home on earth and tells her a story of the happenings in Wonderland. In order to better illustrate his story, 'still' and pseudo-animated cartoons are imparted to the 'stills' by the use of moving backgrounds, music and dialogue. Puppets of some of the Wonderland characters are frequently used to supplement the action but the emphasis on telling the story is through the medium of pseudo-animated cartoons."--1949 Peabody Digest.

Corporate Producers: WENR-TV (Television station : Chicago, Ill.)

Persons Appearing: Jennifer Holt (Cast (Aunt Judy)) | Johnny Coons (Voice) | Warren Best (Puppeteer)

Broadcast Date: 1949-09-23