[Christmas 1959 in KC (Andy's First Birthday) / Christmas 1960 (Andy's Second Birthday)]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: December 1959; Created: June 1960; Created: December 1960
1604-20-136, [This card has no numbering on it. --M.C.]
Christmas 1959 in K.C.
Andy’s 1st birthday - Christmas 1959
Stephanie was a year and ten months. Raytown, In.
June 1960: Andy 18 months - Stephanie 1 yr 16 mo.
Taken at Stephens home in K.C. and some here at home. Raytown.
Xmas 1960: Andy’s 2nd birthday. Steph & Andy in their pink paj.
The year Stephanie got her stove & refrig. Remember fellows, & you too Nancy.
Lots of work. [seems to fit box notes MM]