[Spring Vacation 1952 / Stephens Commencement 1952 / Airport / Summer Vacation 1952]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: March 21 – June 20, 1951; Created: June 1, 1952 – June 1, 1953; Created: June 21 – September 20, 1952
1604-20-134, Spring 1951
Mother. Girls spending spring vacation with Nancy.
Jill Zoble, Susie Snyder, Donna Jones. They and Nancy Juniors at Stephens.
Joan Jackson and Mary Funkhouser joined them on back porch.
Taken day the girls went to show in St. Joe. Also day they had lunch in City.
Mother & Fernie.
June 1952 - 6/3/52
Commencement at Stephens. Some of faculty and girls in caps and gowns on
way to Assembly Hall. Some of the girls - Nancy, Lou, Sheryl Trainor, Mary
Mutchler, Barby Mattern. Mrs. Shautz, Bobbie Whiting, Betty Snyder,
Lois Lembarg. H.D. and me. Ranch House - Ursie, Pierce, Lou, Nan.
Pictures of girls & dads in their caps & gowns.
“Wow, what pictures of me - fatty fatty.”
At airport - Dot Evans taking off in one of Stephens planes with Muriel Hanson.
Nancy at stables with horse “Robin Hood.” Horse she rode in Stephens horse
show - In pair class.
Summer 1952 after graduation. Homer, Nan and I went to Canada for vacation.
To Red Indian Lodge. Went fishing one day and what fun. Took along Indian
guide and fixed lunch. Delicious too.
On way home, spent night at Wilmar, Minn. Terrible rain and flooded some of
streets. Beautiful next day. On back porch - Sylvia, Jessie, Irma & sister, Nana,
Elaine, & myself.
Nancy, Homer riding Tenn. walking horses. Mrs. Cheney came over and took
ride, too. Smokie and Blondie were names of horses.