[Airport / Farm / Creek / Dallas Home]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: June 21 – September 20, 1949; Created: September 21 – December 20, 1949
1604-20-133, Summer & Fall of 1949
Planes coming and going at airport.
Katie, Walter, Mother, H. and I. - Take in K.C. Plaza. Brush Creek.
Mother at South farm.
High school parade - Betty P., Joan Hartell, Nan and Madelyn Martin on float.
Aunt Pearl - mother - H.D. - Fernie. Uncle Bill - Nancy - riding horses (Honey &
Mother, Nan, & I in K.C. Ward Pkwy.
Turtle Creek in Dallas. Beautiful flowers.
Linda - John Phillip - Mil - Joe- Nana in front of Nana & Ben’s home in Dallas.
The Olsons (Bob & Betty) on porch of Laclede Hotel. Also little Hugh Batty.
Girls State - Fulton.
Joyce Buck - N.K. Jewel Randall - Gower and Nancy. Sally Miller was Gov.
of Girls State.
Nan - Harriet - Wilda Osborn - James O’Connor music pupils of Mrs. S.
Mother - H. and N. at farm south of town.
Jack S. and Nancy.