[Plattsburg / Kansas City / Colorado Springs]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: June 1948; Created: August 1948; Created: 1948
1604-20-132, Taken in 1948 month of June in Plattsburg and Kansas City.
Taken at farm south of town.
Celeste Jones, Kathy McCampbell, Genevieve Rixey and myself in Gen’s back
John, Nancy, Homer & Fernie in K.C. Taken at Plaza and downtown KC. Also
Union Station day John returned to NYC. Was on June 14, 1948, our 25th
wedding anniversary. The part taken in downtown K.C. was taken on Sunday,
Seven Falls taken in Colo. Springs August 1948. Seven Falls especially pretty
this year. Ben - Nana - H.D. and I. Nancy and Susie also with us part of time.
Was rainy day.
Part of Rodeo parade in Colorado Springs, August 1948. Some of pictures in
Garden of the Gods and some on road to Florence, Colo. and Royal Gorge.
Couple in Western togs a couple from whom we rented cottage for our stay in the
Springs. They also owned house next to it in which they lived.
Football game at Columbia. 1948. SMU and Mo. Univ.
Hank, Mrs. Badgley, Elaine & Jackie taken in Cordsens back yard in city,
just before we left K.C.
Ed & Nell Kelton, Nana & myself taking a ride in Kelton’s new cruiser.