[Dallas, TX / Kansas City, MO]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: October 1947; Created: April 1948; Created: November 1948
1604-20-131, October 1947. In Dallas, Texas.
Mother, Linda, Nancy, Suzanne, H.D., Joe, Mildred, Nell Kelton, Nana, Ben,
Edgar, Nana’s maid Easter and Easter’s daughter Josephine.
The pictures were taken in the front and back yards of Cardsens and Keltons.
Nancy is fifteen.
Mother, Nana, and I leaving to attend a luncheon and style show at Adolphus
Hotel. Sue & Nancy to go swimming.
Nana & Nell visiting over back fence. Mother looking on.
Taken in Dallas & Plattsburg in 1948 (Nov. 7).
Mildred, Linda, John, Susie, Nancy & Danny Edwards.
On porch at Laclede Hotel in Plattsburg. Charles Hartzell, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence
Fries, Mary Beth. This was taken the afternoon (Sunday) of Mary Joe Douglas’s
and Woodford Rixey’s marriage which we attended later on and took pictures of.
Mrs. Boyd - Ruth Bird - Mrs. Wilson.
Taken in Oct. 1947 and April 1948 at Dallas, Texas, and Kansas City, Mo. Also
at Plattsburg. Nana, Ben, Mother, Joe, Nancy, Susie, Linda, John, H.D. & me,
also the Keltons (Nell & Edgar).
At K.C. Harriet Frances, Beverly, Nancy, H.D., & myself.
At Platts. Mrs. Ray Boyd, Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs. O.D. Wilson & her mother-in-
law, Mrs. Robertson & the Wilson’s dog Mickey. The little girl is Ruth Ann
The other pictures were taken Nov. 7, 1948 four days before John Phillip’s
birthday. Mother, Sue, H.D., Nancy, Mildred, Joe, Linda, John P., Ben, Nana,
Dorothy Demarest & myself. John & Linda played with football. Corkey, the
Cordsens dog, also in the picture.
Also pictures taken in front of apartment house where Joe & Mildred live of
Nan, Sue, Linda, & John.