[Summer 1942]

Moving Image
16mm film
Content: 1942
1604-20-130, [This card has no numbering on it; possible can #4 or #5. --M.C. ]
Summer 1942
Nancy Pressley, Betty Pressley, Harriet G. Nancy L. (Rags, her dog), Nana,
Ben, Sue (Corky, Sue’s dog), Kelton dog, Genevieve, Charlotte C. and Gen’s
niece. Nance & Harriet washing the dog.
Rags (Scotty dog) tearing Nancy’s gown.
Nancy, Betty P., Susanne, Pat Musser, Joan Golden, Judy Halferty, Nancy
Pressley, Shirley Booth, Shirley Fry, Harriet G., Nancy & Betty in hula skirts.
Mother - Nana - Sue - Nancy & myself at home.
Airport, Calhoun home, farm. Mother, Aunt Pearl, G. Island [?]
Uncle Wm., Jack, ____, John, Frances, Nancy, Sue, Nana, Shirley Booth, myself.
Little friend of John C. Nancy & Lorraine - farm.