[Nancy's Birthdays and Christmas]

Moving Image
16mm film
Created: 1935 – 1939
Black and white
1604-20-126, [ Note: Vinegaring. ] Nancy when 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Nancy’s Christmas when she was 2 years and 11 months in 1934. Got little train and doll house.
--3rd birthday--1935. The McCampbell children (Mary, Ethel Jean, Dona), Richard Trice, Woodford Rixey.
--4th birthday--1936. Richard Bennet, Richard Trice, Dona McCampbell,
Harriett Jean Gibson, Wooford Rixey, Bill Chastain, Marilyn Evans, Phillip White, Dona Troutman, June Jackson, Wilbur Spalding. Harriet and her dog Spunky and her kitten taken when we were in Colo. Springs.
--5th birthday--1937. Nancy, Marilyn Evans, Dona Troutman, Jimmie Jackson, Wilbur Spalding, James Randolph, Richard Bennet, Richard Trice, Junior Callahan, David Randolph, Woodford Rixey, Dona McCampbell, and Harriet Jean Gibson. Two cakes. Zilpha Bennett baked one.
--5th Christmas. Was 5 years & 11 months when first started taking music
--6th birthday. Nancy (Marilyn Evans, Mary Faith Chastain & Dona
McCampbell) helped her celebrate.