Persecution City 1968 (UGA) footage

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Collection Dates: 1968
Scope and Content Note: The collection consists of one reel of Super8mm film that captures the UGA campus in 1968 and in particular a campus demonstration called "Persecution City" in North Campus. The footage also features sculpture on display in North Campus.
Biographical Note: "On April 10, 1968, several hundred University of Georgia students marched on campus to demand equal rights for women. They wanted to eliminate school rules based on double standards, such as nightly curfews for women but not men, and a no-alcohol policy for all women, even of drinking age, but not for men. Women students also had a separate Dean of Women, a separate student government, and other gender-based regulations. The demonstrators, including over one hundred women, began a sit-in at the Academic Building (renamed in 2001 as the Hunter-Holmes Academic Building). William Tate, the University's Dean of Men, stayed with the students at night. University employees worked around the students by day. Three days later, on Friday April 12, the students ended their occupation after police threatened to arrest them for violating the fire code. In late May, Dean Tate suspended two of the student leaders involved in organizing the sit-in, George Langworth and David Simpson, president of the campus chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. He placed a third student leader on probation. On June 1, the students seen here erect a tent on the lawn in front of the Academic Building, christen the space "Persecution City;" and occupy it through the weekend. Their position is that the University should punish the entire group rather than singling out a few individuals."--"Persecution City on the University of Georgia Campus" from the Civil Rights Digital Library of Georgia, (Viewed March 26, 2010)
Extent: 1 film reel : si., col. ; super 8 mm.
Genre: Home movies and video
Provenance: Purchased by the Walter J. Brown Media Archives, 2006.
Cite Collection As: Persecution City 1968 (UGA) footage, 1968. Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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