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Scope and Content Note: Collection includes: Raw footage from The Road to Gulu, a cinéma-vérité look into the AIDS crisis through the "Lost Children" living in war-torn Northern Uganda; tape of The Lost Generation, about Ernest Hemingway and literary circle, by Steve Crissman with Tom Folsom; and Ireland footage from the early 2000s by Tom Folsom and journalist/author Brendan Koerner.
Biographical Note: Tom Folsom graduated from the University of Georgia in 1996 with a degree in journalism. He also attended New York University. He is the author of Mr. Untouchable and The Mad Ones. His film credits include The Road to Gulu (producer), The Lost Generation (associate producer) and Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life (co-producer) for A&E Biography and Neo-Noir, a short film for the Sundance Channel.
Provenance: Donated by Tom Folsom

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