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Biographical Note: Anthony Bernard Herbert (1930-) was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, author and psychologist. He was the son of Charles Edward and Mary (Theibert) Herbert, and married Marygrace Natale (1952). In 1955, he published a book, titled Conquest to Nowhere, about his experiences in Korea. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Pittsburgh, and rejoined the U.S. Army. Herbert served as ROTC Instructor at the University of Georgia while pursuing a Masters of Science degree in psychology. Herbert asserted that he witnessed several war crimes during his time in Vietnam, and that his insistence on investigating these events led to his eventual removal from command. Herbert took an early retirement in February of 1972. Anthony Herbert’s quest to hold the U.S. Army responsible for war crimes continued. While his law suit was still pending, Anthony Herbert returned to the University of Georgia and, tying in with his graduate studies in the 1960s, pursued a doctoral degree in social and clinical psychology. He graduated in 1975. Herbert continued his qualification through an internship at the VA Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina and afterward worked as Faculty Coordinator at Webster College in Denver, Colorado. In November of 1977, Herbert was certified as a psychologist, and he took up a private practice. In addition, Herbert wrote several other books, such as Herbert – The Making of a Soldier (1982), Complete Security Handbook (1983), and Military Manual of Self-Defense (1984).
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