Robert Ottosen 9.5mm film collection

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Collection Dates: 1920 – 1939
Scope and Content Note: The collection consists of twenty-nine 9.5mm film reels. There are 16 commercially-produced 30 ft. Pathex films in their original boxes: 1.) The Cuttle Fish; 2.) The Death Head Hawk Moth; 3.) The Sacred Beetle; 4.) The Horned Toad; 5.) Bill and Bob in 'A Meeting with Reynard' (60 ft.); 6.) Mytiliculture; 7.) Making of an Artificial Rose; 8.) Salt of Vendee; 9.) Salt in Vendee; 10.) Fancy Mud (60 ft.); 11.) Japanese Lilies; 12.) Pathex Review No. 3: Fighting the River Flowers - Signs of Spring - Philippine Flappers; 13.) Arab Women; 14.) Arab Milliners; 15.) Ruins of Dougga, Tunis; and 16.) The Great Moslem Prayer. The other reels are home movies shot by Carl Leo Ottosen (1902-1991), the donor's father, circa late 1920s-1930s; they include footage of family members Carl Johann Ottosen (Carl Leo's father), Karen O. Ottosen (Carl Leo's mother), Esther Nova Jacobsen Ottosen (Carl Leo's wife), June Alice Ottosen (Carl Leo's sister), Agda and Oscar Benson (Carl Leo's aunt and uncle), and Peter and Lillie Overgaard (also an aunt and uncle). There are also street scenes from Copenhagen, a Danish farm, backyard scenes from Chicago and some shipboard footage . Also included are one 9.5mm Pathex camera, one 9.5mm Pathex projector (20,070) in original box, one Pathex instruction manual ("Photographing with the Pathex Motion Picture Camera"), and various Pathex accessories, including a cleaning and repair kit, a light bulb and a lamp.
Biographical Note: Carl Leo Ottosen lived from 1902-1991. Carl originally emigrated from Copenhagen, Denmark on September 26, 1923, arriving in New York on October 9, 1923 on the ship "The United States" of the Scandinavian-American Shipping Line. On the ship's manifest, he is noted as being in good health, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with blonde hair and gray eyes. He is listed as paying part of his fare by working as kitchen staff, though he jokingly told his son that he worked on ship as an "eye doctor" -- because he spent a lot of time peeling potatoes. His initial destination was Chicago, where his sponsor-uncle lived. While in Chicago, he purchased the commercial films in the collection; some still have their original price stickers from Chicago's gigantic department store, "The Fair," where they cost $0.50 each, or 12 could be purchased for $5.49. Carl was a journeyman tool- and die-maker, worked in Chicago and New York, and traveled by ship frequently between the U.S. and Denmark. He met his wife, Esther Nova Jacobsen, on one of those Atlantic trips.
Extent: 29 film reels : sd., b&w. ; 9.5 mm.;Pathex camera + Pathex projector + instruction manual + Pathex camera accessories.
Genre: Home movies and video;Documentaries and factual works
Provenance: Deposited at the Walter J. Brown Media Archives by Robert Ottosen, 2004.
Cite Collection As: Robert Ottosen 9.5mm film collection, circa 1920-1939. Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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